5 things are needed to change career

These are based on my experience.

career change
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When I was a kid, I grew up with the thought that I will become a doctor one day. Totally, unknown about the reality that it is not that easy to become a doctor. Just getting an entry into the medical college is too tough. Even if you get there, there is an altogether new type of struggle that starts. So, in short, I could not make it to become a doctor. At that time, I was left with one option that is engineering.

IT was a new and emerging thing and I had an interest in it. So I could take IT as further education. I used to enjoy learning new computer languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, .net etc. Sorry, It became a bit technical, because of my love for the IT field. I pass college with flying colours. Here a new journey started that is, to get a job. It was not an easy task, but somehow I managed to get a job.

I was doing good in the IT field. I was very happy about the fact that I was doing the thing that I love to do. And I never have thought of working in some other field, since I did not have knowledge of another field. Rather, I would say I never had tried learning something else than IT. In my wildest dream ever I have never thought to leave the IT field and work in some other field. I was that much in love with my work.

career change
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To take care of my newborn, I decided to take a break in my career. I find myself lucky enough that I have the privilege to stop working and stay home relax without worrying about how to get money for household and other expenses. Since my husband has got my back, I could take a break to take care of my baby. Since then taking care of my kid become my full-time job, and I could not think to go about to work.

A person who is so much career-oriented and was too much in love with his work can never think of himself/herself sitting home. So I was no exception. I started to work from home as a freelancer. But things were becoming tough with baby, household work and freelancing work. So one day I decided to leave my freelancing work.

So, I started to get more time for myself. So I started reading more and more. So when you read more, you feel more to express yourself. So I started writing. To my surprise, people like to read what I was writing. So I got the motivation to write more. With passing time I started to read more and eventually end up writing more on my blog, on medium, on quora.

One fine day I got an idea to write on the topic, that I have personally used for my success. And I thought I should write about it. Since it was a big idea, and can’t consider it being in one story, I thought let's go for writing a book. I knew nothing about book writing, so I started to research the topic of how can I write a book and publish it? I succeed. I could write, and self-publish my book named GOAL TO SUCCESS.

This way my career shift has happened. I never have thought of myself as a writer. But today I enjoy writing a lot, so do reading.

career change
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I consider 5 things that were helpful for my career shift.

  1. Acceptance:

Unless and until, I would have not accepted the fact that, I can't juggle between a tough IT job, my kid and household altogether, I never have got a chance to discover my writing side.

2. Privilege of Not to Keep Working:

I consider that it is a privilege for me that I could choose not to work after my baby. Since many do not have that. And I totally understand that.

3. Freedom of Time and Money:

Since I did not have the pressure of earning money, I have time to do enough trial and error in my writing career.

4. Desire for the field:

Since I am an avid reader, I have a burning desire to write. And I love to read and write.

5. Consistent efforts with Patience:

It is not easy to start earning in any new field. (especially being a writer 😓). You need patience and a lot of patience. You need consistency in your efforts. You have to keep performing, even if nobody is watching or cares.

I consider these 5 major factors that helped me change my career smoothly. Of course, my love for reading does count in, me becoming a writer. But these other 4 external factors worked in favour of mine.

Thank you for reading my story. If you like my story then give my story some claps, so I come to know that you liked it. Share what you think of my story in the common section. I love to hear from you.




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Poonam Bhatt

Poonam Bhatt

Avid Reader | https://liveItuplife.com | BuyMeABook : https://www.buymeacoffee.com/poonambhatt | LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/poonam-bhatt-62648018/

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