Manage Time Effectively: How to get more out of 24 hours?

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Manage Time Effectively: How to get more out of 24 hours? This is the most pressing question for all of us. We all are struggling for time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But very few are lucky enough that they spend more of their time on things that they enjoy doing.

Some people are in a phase of life where they have less responsibility that in turn allows them to spend more of their time on things they enjoy doing the most(young people who are yet to be married to take on responsibilities.). Some have reached the phase where they don’t like to do more in their life but have to face the most difficult question i.e. ‘How can we spend our time?’ (Elderly people). People between these 2 generations are stuck in the pile of responsibilities and can’t spare enough time or no time at all on the things they like doing the most.

For those who are already occupied with so many responsibilities and can’t get enough time for themselves, this post might be helpful. By writing this post, my whole motto is to help people in managing their time better, so that they can spare some time for doing things they like. I know, one size does not fit all. So the points that I am going to mention in this post, might not be useful to you as much as I think. But if at least a single point can strike a chord with you and really become helpful for you to manage your time better way, then I will be glad, and I writing this post become successful in achieving my motto.

If you start fighting for your time, then your time will start fighting for you.

- Poonam Bhatt

pic by Poonam Bhatt

Without further delay, let’s get started on Manage Time Effectively: How to get more out of 24 hours?

1. Understand: where do you spend your time?

We don't know where we are spending our time, that is the reason we can not manage our time.

2. Plan your day to manage your time effectively.

Without planning, you keep on taking tasks that come your way and you will have no idea where your time is being spent.

3. Don’t be a perfectionist, instead be a task achiever

In order to achieve perfection, we spend a lot of our time and energy. All tasks don’t need that much perfection. So stop wasting your time in achieving perfection.

4. Use your time pockets well

In a day, we get so many small-time pockets, if we learn to use them well then we can achieve more.

5. Learn to say No; Or Redirect, Reschedule Task

If you keep on saying YES to all requests that come your way, you will end up doing those tasks only. If you have planned your day, you will be able to identify new requests and will be able to say NO, or can redirect or reschedule them.

6. STOP wasting your time

If your lot of time is going on Phone calls, social media, or watching TV then save your time from those.

7. Make your family members independent for small tasks

This mostly applies to kids in the family. Teach them small tasks like putting plates back on the kitchen platform, keeping books back in their place, keeping toys back after playing etc. then it will help them become independent and you can spare a little more time for yourself.

In order to have a detailed understanding of the above points, please read them on my blog. There each point is explained in detail.

I am an avid reader, blogger and author of the book GOAL TO SUCCESS.




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Poonam Bhatt

Poonam Bhatt

Avid Reader | | BuyMeABook : | LinkedIn :

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